Olvi’s importer Shaman Iberia and His Stars Bar signed a cooperation agreement in October
2021, which opened ‘Olvi Showroom’ at Costa del Sol. The official Olvi Showrooms in Spain
are in Granada, Valencia and now also at His Stars Bar, Costa del Sol, Fuengirola.

Olvi Showroom offers all Olvi’s Spanish imported products. Novelties will be available as
soon as they arrive in the country. In addition, you can get to know the quality wines of the
Bothnia Bay series and the Helsinki Distilling Company products. The showroom hosts
product presentations, campaign days and wine tastings. At His Stars Bar you can enjoy
Olvi’s products for example while playing British pool.

Olvi’s products on Costa del Sol sells and delivers Portimo Premium +34 602 423 268.


Sandels 4.7%
Sandels 5.3%
Sandels 7.5%
Olvi exports 5.2%
IPA 5%
Daring Daughter 5.5%
Wolf Engelman white (wheat) 5%
Wolf Engelman porter 6%
Olvi Double Stand 8.50%
Radler 2.50% (watermelon, pina colada, strawberry)


Sherwood apple 4.7%
Sherwood pear 4.7%
Sherwood strawberry 4.7%


Helsinki Long Drink Gin & Yuzu 5.5%
Helsinki Long Drink Gin & Pink Grapefruit 5.5%
Muteman 0.0% Ginger beer
Muteman tonic